Portrait - Denisa VLAICU
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Lotus girl

I was photographing people around when an English woman stopped me and told to go and visit a wooden house and look for a lovely little girl there. It was a bit weird why she was giving me this info, but I felt I had to follow her advice. The moment I entered in a big room where some women were sewing in a very traditional way, a little girl almost jumped on my way with a happy smile. It was like she was waiting for me for a long time. It was like the sun rising in the morning. Her mother, a worker in this lotus and silk traditional factory, put her on a big table on the side, that was looking more as a theater scene. She danced for me almost for 15 minutes, radiating a happiness that you could rarely find. Photographing her it was not anymore my thing. I was just looking at her joy and let myself enter into her world. When it was the time for me to leave, she felt and she stopped, I grabbed the camera and make her some photos. That joy or that innocence from her eyes is difficult to be forgotten.